Hello Beloved Friends!

Let me introduce you to Miss Butterfly 
and her FlutterBears.  We are a vital 
part of L.O.V.E. (Loving Others Via
Entertainment).  We use the creative 
arts of our founder to raise Divine
Substance to help humanity, any age,
any race, any religion, anywhere...to
make this beautiful Planet Earth we
live on, an even better place to live...
in Peace, Joy, Excellence,Harmony,
and Love.  We were founded in 1987 in Murfreesboro, Tn. the Heart of Tennessee where I lived, 
We were, at that time, named after a
song called "Feed His Children".  At 
that time Dee Dee Prestige was going
through a transformation to legally be-
come Diana G. Christian.  Attorney Jim
Wiseman was the brilliant mind who 
created the Charter. Diana had wonder-
ful publicity due to the help and work of
Jimmy Aubuchon, who had the idea for a song to help stop hunger of the children of the world.  Woonsocket, R.I. told of this song called "Feed His Children", the 
writers, Jimmy Aubuchon, Keith Bradford, Diana Christian had composed and all proceeds were signed over to the new non profit, even the Music Producer, Bob McRoberts signed the gift.  Diana was booked, as an entertainer-singer at Attleboro, Mass., LaSallette Shrine to stay for six days and perform eight one hour concerts in four of those days.  Father Pat, one of the Priests was her sound person who perfectly operated the equipment as she sang her album cuts to the original tracks.besides her Christmas Classics CD called "Peace On Earth", and of "Just A Closer Walk", now renamed  "Spiritual Soul", (Gospel Classics) by Diana Butterfly Rose Christian, the CD.which has always been used to help raise funding to help others.
Diana's Romantic Classics CD, "Love Songs From The Heart" are offered for a gift of $10 plus $3.75 S&H.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Above is the original statement of purpose and             the original Feed His Children logo...the song is            playing on this website because it is the song               that inspired the Non Profit Corp.  We 
  hope you love it.....
  Universal Arts Creations & Five Star Productions 
My Most Precious Gifts From God, My five (The Original FlutterBears) Children,Jolie, GiGi,Me,Mike, Jackie& Ron who nicknamed himself Burt at 18 mo.
I would like to thank all the friends I have had and still have  in Minnesota and Tennessee, and all over this world as I traveled and sang for three years with Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys, to 46 of our 50 states and Israel.  All the Fans of Bill Monroe who were so incredibly kind to me as Dee Dee Prestige in the early 80's and Diana Christian in the late 80's.  All the truck stops we stopped at to fill our bus with fuel and have something to eat, all of the people in the countries of England, France, Finland, Germany, The U.K., Japan and Turkey.  The folks who worked at these places,all the workers who guided guarded and helped me along the way, Susan, the Exec. Sec. at the Five Star Sheraton in Antalya, Turkey, and all the staff there: Master Security: Muzaffer, Ret. Airforce Col. Dr. Cetin Akkurek, Sheraton's House Doctor, M.D.  and hundreds of friends I found there as I sang and was the piano entertainer..this was after I left the road with Bill Monroe, work as a single in all these countries and a boat like the love boat going back and forth to France and England, we had a fire in the engine room and all but one survived.  The Finnish folks, on the Finjett, with 6 jet engines where I sang and played in the Stardust Room..My Beloved Friends there, also...Japan: Tokyo, Toyama, Nagoya, Kobe, and Akita; 7 months there, with superb places to play and the Royal treatment from you all there.  I could not ask for a more wonderful life of music and friends.  Most of all, my children who have always been my inspiration from the time they arrived here on Earth until now.  Latest gig: St. Mary's Medical Center, Duluth, MN.
Here are the FlutterBears! They are helping us to bring joy to the world, Ron, GiGi, Jolie, Mike, and Jackie..and the next ones I know had the same name as you! The FlutterBear is five and one half inches tall sitting down, their hand sewn,original designed wings represent virtues: Green: Strength and Renewal, Purple:Spirituality and Power, Pink:Love and Joy, Blue: Faith and Imagination, Gold: Wisdom and Understanding.  You can call them by their names or name them whatever name you wish.  These little collectors Darlings are available for a gift of $10 each.  All five ordered at once is postpaid!  The booklet below is offered with each                       FlutterBear!
This guy, Dan Anderson is our chauffer and is always a great help to L.O.V.E. and The FlutterBears and all their Forest Friends.  Dan met Diana in Two Harbors, MN. in 2006, they were friends as she volunteered with Community Partners of Two Harbors' Bayview Terrace.  Dan had surgical procedures on his foot of highly indepth repair.  There was not a volunteer available after four o'clock, so Diana offered her services to Carole and Kirsten, the officials in the office.  There the friendship grew steadily and Dan is still helping Diana with her work for the FlutterBear projects.
Barbara, Shirley, Dee and Diana having lunch in Nashville ,treasured Friends of Miss Butterfly...
Here is the Christmas scene for piano concerts, Diana is one among many who play music for everyone as a gift of love.  She began her now,  six days a week,  one and a half hour concerts Christmas Eve, 2008. Photo, 2009

(218-727-2055) phone: U.S.A.
 This photo was taken by Julie Johnson, a dear friend of Miss Butterfly, the two precious girls sitting by Diana at St. Mary's main entrance lobby, Anna and Nya, Julie's two Daughters who have been friends with and at times cared for since the girls were new babies.  These beautiful friends Grandmother, DeaDe Johnson of A.E.O.A. connected Diana with Volunteering for HeadStart in Two Harbors 2003 to 2006 and America Reads before that time for second grade students.  Diana moved to Duluth in 2007 where she still resides close to where she volunteers her joyful concerts six days a week.  During her stay in Two Harbors from 2000 to 2007, she loved volunteering for the nursing homes and still goes there when she goes to see her Mother, Jo Bacon, who became 100 years young on Oct. 15th of 2009.  Jo Bacon likes Diana to play at her Nursing Home at Sunrise and she does as a Volunteer since 2000 under the direction of the neice of her best friend, Mary Reinke, Nancy Moore Peirce, activities director at Sunrise Nursing Home. Nancy was a tremendous light in Diana Christian's life during this time.  Nancy is the Daughter of Tom and Mae Moore of Two Harbors, MN., also dear friends of Diana Christian, formerly Dee Dee Prestige since the sixties as they are the Godparents of Diana's firstborn child, Jeanette Marie, whom they named GiGi.  this is all part of a beloved history and life of Dee Dee Prestige, Diana Christian, and as we unfold, you can all see highlights and struggles of the Miss Butterfly's life. 
This photo below was taken on the Finnish Boat called  the Finnjett, & Precious Protective Friends.1992, Diana was the singer, piano entertainer in the Stardust Room, from four o'clock pm, until 11 pm, then the program was dancing for the passengers.  Diana admired and respected her co workers, whether entertainers of employees of the huge ferry travelling from Helsinki, Finland to Hamburg, Germany.  She enjoyed alot of baked salmon, having her meals with the crew.  There were other bands, such as "Blue Box", and a great opera singer born in  Russia and her Manager, a brilliant attorney from Finland and a clown called Oodleedoo for the children from the United Kingdom...Diana was honored and happy to be a part of the crew , as well as the travelers, she played a white baby grand piano for all these good times she will never forget.  ( More photos and names to be added)
Photo to your left, Bill Monroe and Diana Christian, May, Grand Ole Opry,  "Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine", First time on Grand Ole Opry as Diana Christian, with Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys.
Dee Dee Prestige/Diana Christian 
Transition....Photo below, snapshot 
Kobe, Japan, 1991.  Christmastime.
Brother Denny Lee Bacon, Friend, Doreen and Daughter Jolie, seated, and sitting on the bar at Opryland, being photographed by the special effects photos attraction there, about 1996.  Jolie's Birthday celebrated that evening at the Palace near Opryland.